A Special Place to Learn for the Differently Abled Children – March 2016

The Lower division Child Development Center of Wanarajah Estate and the Lower division Child Development Center in Osborne Estate in the Dickoya Region in Hatton were upgraded with a Sensorial room to train, guide and improve the differently abled Children in these estates. The rooms was painted and prepared by Bogawantalawa Tea Estates and the materials and equipment were provided by MENCAFEP.

The Sensorial room and the teachings provided here will enable the children to improve their hand, eye and brain coordination activities by awakening their senses through touch, feel and coordination improvement exercises. We hope to improve as many Child Development Centers to accommodate the learning process of these children based on available funding in the future.

Moulding Lives for a Brighter Future – March 2016

Individuals affected by impairments and disorders in the estates of Bogawantalawa and Dickoya region in Hatton are being identified and trained through our Disability Management Program to brighten their future. Under this rehabilitation project we have already managed to employ 2 young men in our estates and this in turn has changed the way they had been living and the way they were being treated by their society.

Kalai Kumar aged 18 was an individual affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and short remembrance. Due to his actions caused by his disability, he was neglected by his family and society. Kalai Kumar had not attended school nor did he have a job to support himself. Another youngster named Nishanthan aged 24 shared almost a similar story. However, he was an adopted son of an elderly couple who cared for him but was finding it hard to fend even for themselves. As Nishanthan was affected by speech and hearing impairment along with slight Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), he was unable to be of any use to his foster parents and family.The two boys were taken under the wing of our Disability Management Program sponsored by Sligo in partnership with Liliane fonds and The Catholic Health Association of India. They were regularly visited by our trained Child Development Officers during home visits and proper training, therapy and guidance were provided. After several sessions, treatment and monitoring for almost for 10 months, the two individuals started revealing good signs of improvement.

Having seen their development, the Loinorn Estate Management was able provide them Sundry jobs within their capacity which has now led them to be more confident and partially independent by working on daily jobs. Kalai Kumar is a very happy youngster now, who has been accepted and supported by his family and society. Nishanthan is now able to support himself and his foster parents in a small way with the income he earns from the daily jobs performed in the Estate.

This is the final result we hope to achieve with the efforts taken by all the Child Development Officers and Medical Assistance with the children and youth supported by this initiative within their own physical and mental capacity. And we certainly welcome any external support that is offered towards this program to further uplift as many lives as possible, especially those with special needs.

The Haglind Excursion – June 2015

55 children who obtained the highest resulted in the Ordinary Level examination in 2014 from the 11 estates in the Bogawanthalawa and Dickoya region were taken for an excursion of Kandy and Matale on June 27th, 2015. The tour granted the children an opportunity to visit the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy and the Alu Viharaya and Muthumari Amman Kovil in Matale. The excursion was sponsored by The Haglind Family in Sweden and is slated to continue annually.

Donation to the Maharagama Cancer Institute – June 2015

On the 13th of June 2015, Office Network (Pvt) Ltd together with METROCORP, Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC, Eco Power (Pvt) Ltd, and Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation donated 165 gift packs which included daily essentials to the children’s ward of the Maharagama Cancer Institute. In addition to the donation of gift packs, a magic show and a variety of games was also hosted.

Wheelchair Donation in Partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation – March 2015

The Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation is an organization specializing in the care of cerebral palsy children in Sri Lanka. After meeting with them, the foundation had agreed to assess the children affected by Cerebral Palsy in Bogawantalawa and provide them with wheelchairs. This event took place on March 15th, 2015 at the Centre for the Handicapped in Digana and 16 special wheelchairs were donated to the disabled children. This is part of the foundation’s ongoing wheelchair donation program.



Books for children – March 2015

Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation is always on the look out to support children’s education in any way possible. Therefore, the foundation recently donated school books worth LKR 2,000 to 20 children residing in poverty stricken areas of Anhettigama which is situated in the Kegalle District. These children hail from extremely poor families and are between 6 – 10 years old. This donation was only possible because of the generous contributions from Mr. Prabhath Sirithunga, Ms. Sandra Godwin, Ms. Amandha Jinadasa, and Ms. Heshika Gunasekara.

The Interior Decoration of the MRI Department at the Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital – December 2014

The newly acquired MRI Department is the hospital’s latest development. The radiology department recently obtained a much needed MRI scanner however, because of the time consuming nature of MRI scanning procedures, children are required to wait a significant amount of time for their scanning. Therefore, the Aid Lanka Kids Foundation together with the Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation came together to carry out the interior decoration and furnishing of the MRI waiting area.

Right_After_DSC_0753     Reception_after_DSC_0754 MRI entrace_after_DSC_0744      Main wall_after_DSC_0743

Aid for the Hearing Impaired – December 2014

The foundation was able to donate seven hearing aids to seven hearing impaired individuals from Bogawantalawa and Lower Dickoya. This donation was made possible through a donor from Norway. Apart from the donation of hearing aids, a seven year old boy named Dayal from Wanarajah in Lower Dickoya was enrolled in to the Sri Chandrasekara School for the Deaf in Moratuwa through the National Council for the Deaf in Sri Lanka. Dayal who stopped attending school because of his hearing impairment, was given new hope of leading an independent life with this intervention. He is now a bright, active, and happy boy who is said to the “darling of the school”.

Construction of a Child Development Center – December 2014

Child Development Centers which are situated on tea estates are prime examples of how tea plantation companies in Sri Lanka support the education of its employees’ children. Having always given special priority to education, Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC currently manages approximately 45 child development centers which are spread through out its’ 11 high grown tea estates. Like most centers, the New Valley Factory child development center in Norwood estate provided pre-school education and day care to approximately 40 children in a building which was able to accommodate approximately 20 children. However, the difficult circumstances in this center was changed with a Rs. 3.6 million grant by Superunie in The Netherlands which was used to construct a new, more spacious child development center in the same area. Today, the children of New Valley Factory have a large building where they are able to actively engage in pre-school education, play, and others.

The Reconstruction of ‘Rekawa’: A Tsunami Village – 2005

Name of Project : The Reconstruction of ‘Rekawa’; A Tsunami Village – 2005
Partner Organization : None
Project Location : The Rekawa Village in Matara
Project Duration : January 2005 – December 2005
Donor : The Ambani Trust Fund
Project Cost : LKR. 1 million
Number of beneficiaries : Approximately 400 families
Nature of assistance : During the first phase of this project emergency relief packs containing essentials such as cloths, milk powder etc for mothers and children were distributed in the first two weeks after the disaster. The second phase of this project involved hosting pre-natal health camps for pregnant mothers. The third phase involved providing the fishing community of Rekawa with essential fishing and aquatic resources such as boats and diving equipment to continue their livelihood. The final phase of the ‘Rekawa project’ saw the reconstruction of the Rekawa Community Center which was destroyed by the rapid waves.

Sathutu Vila fertility camp – 2008

Name of Project : Sathutu Villa Fertility Camp
Partner Organization : None
Project Location : Lower Dickoya and Bogawantalawa
Project Duration : Two days
Donor : Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC
Project Cost : LKR 169,000
Number of beneficiaries : Approximately 400 women
Nature of assistance : This camp was conducted for the benefit of pregnant mothers and families who have been unable to conceive. Eminent gynaecologists conducted the procedures. The women were able to obtain a medical check-up, advice on family planning, and a referral to hospitals.
Picture_15 Picture_16

IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Assistance – 2009

Name of Project : Internally Displaced Persons Assistance
Partner Organization : Walters Bay, USA and Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC
Project Location : Padawiya Camp, Yakawewa, North Central Sri Lanka
Project Duration : One day
Donor/s : Walters Bay, USA and Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC
Project Cost : LKR 1.2 million
Number of beneficiaries : 1800 families
Nature of assistance : A total of 1800 relief packs were distributed to the internally displaced persons in the Padaviya Camp and the villagers of Yakawewa. These relief packs contained daily essentials such as soap, towels, dry food etc. The packs came in the dire hour of need as the conditions in the overcrowded camps begun to deteriorate rapidly.

University Scholarships – 2010

Name of Project : The University Scholarship Program
Partner Organization/s : None
Project Location : Bogawantalawa and Lower Dickoya
Project Duration : January – December 2010
Donor/s : Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation
Project Cost : LKR 250,000
Number of beneficiaries : Six university undergraduates
Nature of assistance : Financial assistance for University education.

Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation wishes to continue this sponsorship but is unable to do so due to lack of funding. Such scholarships not only benefit the students but also their families as they are freed of the burden of spending on education. Now, Kogilawanee Balasubramanium is pursuing her Bsc in Physical Science at the University of Jaffna. Help her in her struggle to succeed.

LMCSF Health Sponsorship

Name of Project : LMCSF Health Sponsorship
Partner Organization/s : None
Project Location : Island Wide
Project Duration : Continuous
Donor/s : Aid Lanka Kids, USA, Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC, BPL Teas (Pvt) Ltd, and Lanka Mother and Child Support Foundation
Project Cost : LKR 550,000
Number of beneficiaries : 5 individuals
Nature of assistance : Financial support for the individuals’ medical treatment

Help others overcome their illnesses and lead a happy life which every human being deserves.